Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Haveeru Comments Fix for Firefox

Haveeru website doesn't properly show the user comments, in Firefox.I suppose the web master has no time to clean up his code or probably they don't care.
Some use IE Tab extension in Windows to browse the site and for Linux users theres Opera..

Anyways here is my solution for the problem, which gets rid of loading an external browser.

1) Install Greasemonkey extension for Firefox

and then

2)Install Haveeru userscript / Haveeru userscript (Windows)

2)Install Haveeru userscript / Haveeru userscript ( Linux )

Greasemonkey user script.

(thanks to bandey for the webspace)

Happy Browsing.


Ahmed said...

is this whats been happening? i thought i was missing some fonts or something. hehe.. anyways it works and thank u.

TruthCures said...

Thanks a lot for this. I have been desperate for a solution to this. I hope Haveeru have fixed this problem in their upcoming new Haveeru website

moyameehaa said...

thank you. thank you. thank you....eerrr..will they allow us to comment using xp dhivehi fonts...what i am trying to say is...using anything otherthan that reverse thingy?*wonder*

HaLku said...

I guess they will eventually use Unicode..
It will be quite an endeavor..They use the same fonts in the news paper and the website, and the same fonts are used in their news archives..That might be the reason..

Nattu said...

It works..cool dude.

Like TruthCures said, It has been fixed on Haveeru's new website.. it will allow you to comment using xp dhivehi fonts. Giving you the chance to choose unicode or xp.

Halku is right. They use the same font type in the news paper, the website and on their news archives.. Their news systems were done a long way before xp dhivehi fonts arrvied.

Lets look up for a difference.

More on: http://groups-beta.google.com/group/haveeru

HaLku said...

Thanks, I am glad you guys liked the script.

Happy Browsing

alinitkin said...

thank you.