Friday, April 20, 2007

Overwhelming Demand For Ubuntu Linux 7.04 "Feisty Fawn"

The latest version of Ubuntu Linux, which has just been released, has been downloaded so heavily that requests have backed up on Canonical's download site and its 160 mirrors. Ubuntu now includes Sun Microsystems' Java Platform, Standard Edition (JDK 6) along with a Java database system, the GlassFish Enterprise Edition 5 implementation, and the development environment NetBeans version 5.5.
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nass said...

JDK6, GlassFish n netBeans... hmm. sounds cool.

have u tried Ubuntu 7.04? how about a review?h

HaLku said...

Been using it since the last Release Candidate. I think this release will make it easier for new users, by the included migration assistant and easy installation of multimedia codecs.and now its easier to set up compiz or beryl.compared to edgy which had quite few improvements over dapper this release has many improvements under the hood.

Anonymous said...

ive been usin ubuntu for few cool compare to windows.i hope the new vesion wll have much improvements over the last one.

linux is good

HaLku said...

'm waiting for KDE 4. This will revolutionize the decade old concept of the desktop. Tons of glitter, a new multimedia system, usability improvements and performance increase (20-30%).