Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Greatest Hacker In Maldives

I'm proud we have such elite hackers in Maldives.Though we are a country of only 300,000 people, there are masters in every field specially computing..It fills me with joy so much that I get cramps by reading the interview with The Greatest Hacker in Maldives..

the interview:

тнє υηвσяη: am telling only u ingey abt this, so dnt tell anyone. i have stpd hackin last year dec...cus microsoft n lotsa others lookin for me..i am from The Legion..i was their leader and i led them 4 almst 1 n 1/2 yrs.its an international group of hackers n no one knws each others name or identity....only reason y we r still arnd, evn microsoft dono who we r..


jaa said...

Greatest hacker in Maldives that surely is! Had a good laugh. :)

Thanks for sharing..

@i said...

lol very entertaining :P

jadeCrew said...
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jadeCrew said...

Surely a Master piece! ... a master piece this sure is!