Saturday, December 01, 2007

openSUSE YeaaaHH

Installed the latest openSUSE version 10.3 today.In my opinion this is the distro which has the best implementation of KDE.

5:40 At the moment installing NVIDIA drivers
As you can see in the NVIDIA page, it's very easy to install software ..Instead of downloading the RPMs and manually installing, you can install any software in their catalog by 1-Click technology.

5:52 installing Compiz Fusion
This is for the eye candy..Minimizing effects, fire on the screen.ripple effects etc. Some plugins increases usability also.

6:10 Installing dhivehi fonts.There is a GUI way of downloading the fonts manually and installing it..But using a script or a set of commands is also an option.
mkdir fonts
cd fonts
mkdir /usr/share/fonts/truetype/Dhivehi
mkdir dhivehifonts
unzip -d dhivehifonts
wget -P dhivehifonts "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""
mv dhivehifonts/*.TTF dhivehifonts/*.ttf /usr/share/fonts/truetype/Dhivehi/
fc-cache -f -v

Configuring Compiz
Enable Expo

Enable Cube Gears

Suse kickoff menu
has been ported to KDE 4.

1:46 Multimedia codecs
( after going out for a little birthday celebration :D )

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