Sunday, May 11, 2008

Automounting partitions

For somereason Ubuntu doesnt automount my partitions and I've to click in Places for it to be mounted.
Incase anyone else has this prob and needs help. Hope this helps.

1)First we need to find where the partitions are in the partition table and the filesystem type.
sudo blkid
fdisk -l
vol_id [device]

2)then for each entry create a mountpoint in /media
e.g: mkdir Movies Work
chown User :Group Movies
for Ubuntu both user and group will be your login name.

3)then edit fstab
sudo vim /etc/fstab

e.g: for /dev/sda8 we get the UUID from "blkid" comand. "/media/Movies" is the mount point we created, then filesystemtype mount options etc.

UUID=f32ca5ac-8155-477a-9124-b1ae43ac876d /media/Movies ext3 auto,user,exec,rw,async 0 0


ShadesOfEvil said...

or if you're really lazy and don't wanna learn anything you could just load up ntfs-config and let that handled it (for NTFS drives of course :)

ShadesOfEvil said...

handled it!??? fucking indians! bah