Friday, July 29, 2011

better control and monitor pulse-audio with padevchooser

Here is a power-user tool for extra control of pulse-audio services than for example what Kmix might give if you are using KDE 4.x . My gripe with Kmix is that it doesn't provide a way to increase maximum volume above the 100% limit, unlike the gnome volume control.If you've tried maxing out alsa mixer, restarted pulse-audio server and still the volume is way too low than what you might have had by default in another Distribution, or in windows, it probably is a problem with pulse-audio.

padevchooser comes to the rescue. Install it along with the following controls for better control of pulse-audio. once installed, start it by choosing Applications->Multimedia->PulseAudio Device Chooser.

sudo apt-get install padevchooser pavucontrol pavumeter paman
If you want to start the system-tray widget on start-up click the widget->Preferences and choose"Start applet on session login".

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