Friday, March 09, 2012

VIM-tips everywhere.

Install vimtips fortune cookies and vimtips plugin for vim
  • First install fortune if you don't already have it.
sudo apt-get install fortune-mod
  • Download vimtips fortune datafile
wget -O vimtips.tar.gz
  • Move fortune datafiles and included vim plugin to respective directories 
 cp vimtips vimtips.dat /usr/share/games/fortunes
cp vimfortune.vim ~/.vim/plugin
  •  Now when you start VIM it will display vim tips. you can view vim-tips any time by issuing :TIPS 
vim tips in a gui
  • create s script with the following code. make it executable with 'chmod +x' . then just click on it to view vimtips on a zenity dialog.
fortune vimtips|zenity --text-info --width=550 --height=550 
vim tips on opening the command-prompt
  • type 'fortune vimtips' at the end of  '~/.bashrc' 
  • You can also use the same command to view vimtips anytime in the terminal.

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