Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dolphin filemanager now supports sorting by file metadata

With the recent KDE 4.9 update, KDE's  file-manager - Dolphin has received a host of new features . Among the notable additions it has received is the displaying of and the ability to sort and group files by their meta-data properties.

Dolphin now allows you to show any kind of metadata like ratings, tags, image-sizes beside each file.

You can now sort images by orientation. You can sort  text-files by the count of words or lines in them. You may sort audio files by artist, album or duration of the track. You can sort files  by permissions, owner and group properties  or sort by tags or ratings that you have previously given to the files.

All these features will be available to Konqueror as well as other applications which uses Kparts component framework

Thanks to the KDE team for implementing these  features, the time taken in searching and organizing files will be greatly reduced.

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